Kiểm tra chức năng bảo vệ Trip unit ACB hãng Siemens

    Thiết bị kiểm tra Trip unit 3WL9111-0AT44-0AA0 được sử dụng để kiểm tra các chức năng của ACB SENTRON 3WL, Đối với các bo65 Trip unit ETU15B, ETU25B, ETU27B, ETU45B, ETU55B và ETU76B của máy cắt ACB 3WL.

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    The 3WL9111-0AT44-0AA0 circuit breaker test device is used to test the functions of the SENTRON 3WL low-voltage circuit breaker,

    For the ETU15B, ETU25B, ETU27B, ETU45B, ETU55B and ETU76B overcurrent releases of the 3WL circuit breaker, the circuit breaker test device can be used to:

    - Measure the operating currents and tripping times.

    - Check the protection functions for the three phases and the neutral conductor.

    - Verify the function of the tripping solenoid.

    - Check the function of the ground-fault protection.

    - Measure the opening time of the circuit breaker and to

    - Check the trip causes

    The circuit breaker test device generates either a one or two-phase test volgate that reproduces the output signal of the current sensors (Rogowski coils). The test volgate is fed into the incoming circuit of the current measuring device (L1, L2, L3 and N) as either one- phase or two-phase (1800 phase shift) voltage. The level of the simulated test current is infinitely variable from zero to 150 kA in four ranges.


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    Thiết bị thí nghiệm MCCB 3VA Siemens 3VA9987-0MB10 TEST DEVICE TD500

    The TD500 mobile test device can be used to test the different causes of ETU trips. It is therefore useful for checking the proper functioning and correct wiring of all connected system components before the 3VA2 molded case circuit breaker is commissioned. The system behaves as it would in the case of a real trip event.