Đo điện trở cuộn dây biến áp

    Winding Ohmmeter RMO20TW được thiết kế để đo điện trở của các đối tượng thử nghiệm cảm ứng và để xác minh thay đổi tap trên tải. RMO20TW tạo ra dòng điện không gợn DC thực sự. Bơm dòng điện và xả năng lượng từ cuộn cảm đều được điều chỉnh tự động.

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    The Winding Ohmmeter RMO20TW is designed for the resistance measurement of inductive test objects and for on-load tap changer verification. The RMO20TW generates a true DC ripple-free current. The injection of current and discharge of energy from the inductance are both automatically regulated. 
    The RMO20TW injects a current at the voltage level as high as 60 V. This ensures the duration of test is as short as possible, and that the desired test current is reached faster. The two independent channels enable testing of two windings in series – primary and secondary. There is enough memory within the 

    RMO20TW instrument to store 500 measurements. All measurements are time- and date-stamped. 
    The instrument is equipped with a thermal and overcurrent protection. The RMO20TW has a very high ability  to  cancel  electrostatic  and  electromagnetic  interferences  that  exist  in  HV  electric  fields.  It  is achieved by proprietary filtration solution applied to the instruments hardware and software design. 
    Automatic discharging circuit (independent of power supply) safely discharges the energy stored in the transformer windings at the end of the test in very short time. An audible and visible indication of the discharging state is provided. An automatic connections check is performed at the beginning of each test, and the instrument warns the user if an open connection is detected. 

    Winding Ohmmeter RMO20TW 
      Test currents 5 mA - 20 A DC 
      On-load tap changer dynamic resistance measurement 
      Two resistance measurement channels 
      Automatic discharge circuit 
      Lightweight – only 7,5 kg 


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